Thursday, May 27, 2010

Math Alchemist v1.3.1 - Ashley's Hint

*** Ashley has joined the adventure! ***
With Ashley's hint, solving the puzzle is easier. But don't be too happy, it's still challenging. To win Ashley's love, you have to complete 60 stages in Original mode. Can you do that?

Math Alchemist is a math game of 24. With good control, stunning graphics and interesting game play, this game may be the best math game in iPhone!

*** Screenshots ***

*** Features ***
- Intuitive control
- Stunning graphics from world-class designers
- 60 stages with increasing difficulty
- Over 5000 thousands different questions
- Hint and upgrade system to assist you
- Leaderboards and Achievements
- Earn points to upgrade the character
- Original mode and Apprentice mode for long hours gameplay
- Time Attack mode for quick game play

*** Reviews ***
Math Alchemist was rated by AppSafari as 4 stars (out of 5 stars) app.
"The graphics are great, and it’s easy to maneuver to play different modes, go to the rankings, or find the instructions"
"Math Alchemist is a great way to start your day and get you going. This game in Time Attack Mode parallels a black eye coffee"

*** BUY METHOD ***
*** Video ***
V1.0 introduction video
V1.1 new Apprentice mode video

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