Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stunt Carz in App Store on 7th Apr, 2011!

Stunt Carz is an addictive and exciting stunt car game. Stages are carefully designed and bring you hours & hours game play. It's great for all ages and you do not need to have driving license to play this game

★ Realistic car physics
★ Car is destructible!
★ Easy control with Accelerometer and Touch
★ 3 Areas (Forest, Valley and Metropolis)
★ 40 stages
★ Interesting and existing levels were designed carefully with increasing difficulty!
★ Collect bonus stars in all levels
★ Leaderboard in Game Center
★ Nice graphics
★ Older devices can also play smoothly

✔ Tap and hold to accelerate
✔ Release finger to decelerate
✔ Tilt the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to lean the car foreward/backward
✔ To get higher score, the car should touch as many platforms are possible
✔ Bonus platform give bonus score and collectable stars
✔ Drive the car from "Start" to "Finish"



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