Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Math Alchemist Lite - Submitted for Approval

As requested by many people, here we created a Lite version for the game. People who are interested in Math Alchemist could try the Lite version before buying the full version.

Estimated release date of Lite version is 1st week f April.
It is a game with stunning graphics, good control and addictive.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Math Alchemist v1.1 Submitted for approval

Now, we are waiting the new version to be approved.

The first Math Alchemist update V1.1 planned

V1.1 would include the following:
1. A new Apprentice mode
This is a new mode which is easier to play. In this mode, you no longer need to use up all 4 numbers. Just find a way to alchemize them into 24 to release the alchemy blast. A new ranking is opened for this mode such that the current Original mode ranking wouldn't be affected.
2. Minor tuning of wordings
3. Fix a bug
This bug hasn't been detected by anyone (at least no one report to me up to now). Don't worry, this is a very minor bug

I finished the programming part. If there is no new comments from you (players), I will submit this new update to Apple after our QA. Estimate it can be in released in 1st week of April. By the way, we are planning to unlock new levels in original mode in V1.2...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Math Alchemist - Comments

Comments can always help us to male improvement.
Feel free to play the Math Alchemist and leave comments in here or in App Store.
Thanks a lot.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Math Alchemist - Released on 27th Mar, 2010

Game Description
  • Math Alchemist is a game that combines RPG and calculation together. Calculation is no longer boring! This is a good brain trainer for adult. It is also good for kids to learn calculation as well
  • You could compete with your friends with our ranking system in Openfeint
  • There are 2 different modes in the game: Original Mode and Time Attack Mode
  • Original mode is the RPG-like game, which have many stages for you to beat. Your alchemy power comes from your calculation!
  • Time Attack Mode is a pure calculation game. If is suitable for people who would like to focus on playing the calculation part only or they would like to play a quick game

We are rated by AppSafari as 4/5 app! Then, what are you waiting for? Don't miss this great app! Click to buy the game (price US$1.99)

How to play:

Original Mode Demo:

More screen shots:

Version 1.1 is submitted for approval and will be released soon! See our new post here for the preview video

Congratulations! Math Alchemist approved by Apple

Math Alchemist just approved by Apple! We scheduled 27th March to be the launch date. See you in appstore! Appreciate your comments and reviews!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Math Alchemist Submitted for review

I just submitted Math Alchemist for apple review. If everything is ok, the game can be released before Easter holiday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 1st iPhone Game

I 've wrote my 1st iPhone game since early Feb.
It's almost complete now.
The missing parts
1. tuning the game levels
2. create the help for the game
3. change a better sound effects

Should be able to submit for app's review soon.