Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The first Math Alchemist update V1.1 planned

V1.1 would include the following:
1. A new Apprentice mode
This is a new mode which is easier to play. In this mode, you no longer need to use up all 4 numbers. Just find a way to alchemize them into 24 to release the alchemy blast. A new ranking is opened for this mode such that the current Original mode ranking wouldn't be affected.
2. Minor tuning of wordings
3. Fix a bug
This bug hasn't been detected by anyone (at least no one report to me up to now). Don't worry, this is a very minor bug

I finished the programming part. If there is no new comments from you (players), I will submit this new update to Apple after our QA. Estimate it can be in released in 1st week of April. By the way, we are planning to unlock new levels in original mode in V1.2...

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