Saturday, March 27, 2010

Math Alchemist - Released on 27th Mar, 2010

Game Description
  • Math Alchemist is a game that combines RPG and calculation together. Calculation is no longer boring! This is a good brain trainer for adult. It is also good for kids to learn calculation as well
  • You could compete with your friends with our ranking system in Openfeint
  • There are 2 different modes in the game: Original Mode and Time Attack Mode
  • Original mode is the RPG-like game, which have many stages for you to beat. Your alchemy power comes from your calculation!
  • Time Attack Mode is a pure calculation game. If is suitable for people who would like to focus on playing the calculation part only or they would like to play a quick game

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How to play:

Original Mode Demo:

More screen shots:

Version 1.1 is submitted for approval and will be released soon! See our new post here for the preview video

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